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Integrated Annual Report 2016

Value Creation In 2016


Inputs and capitals

The financial resources deployed by the company.

Value created in 2016

Turnover R24.2 billion Total shareholder return 35.3% Cash generated from operations R1.8 billion Return on equity 49.2%


The infrastructure used in selling merchandise, including the retail store network, distribution facilities, online store and information technology systems.

Opened 32 retail stores; total stores 689 39 new Clicks pharmacies; total now 400 Online store launched 9 distribution centres R433 million capital investment


The collective knowledge and expertise across the business as well as the intellectual property of the group.

Clicks gained market share in all key product categories Private label and exclusive brands 21.0% of health and beauty sales Clicks independently rated as leading health and beauty retailer in SA


The competency, capability and experience of the board, management and employees.

Directors and executive management develop and execute the strategy to create value for shareholders 14 093 permanent employees who provide customers with medicines, products and services R57.8 million invested in employee skills development


Relationships with stakeholders influencing the business, primarily shareholders, customers, suppliers and employees.

Social and relationship
Shareholders: R876 million returned to shareholders in dividends and share buy-backs Customers: Over 1 million new ClubCard members; now 6.2 million members Customers: R309 million cash-back paid to ClubCard members Employees: R2.7 billion paid to employees Suppliers: R21.3 billion paid to suppliers


The group’s operations have a low environmental impact and therefore use limited natural capital.

Commitment to reduce carbon footprint and generate savings through energy and water efficiency 2 072 tons of recycling in supply chain
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