Corporate Overview | History

1968, August
First Clicks store opens in St Georges Street, Cape Town

1979, March
Clicks Stores Limited listed on the JSE with a market capitalisation of R10 million

1983, June
Group turnover exceeds R100 million; 44 stores

1983, October
Clickdin Limited listed as a holding company on the JSE.

1984, March
Acquisition of Discom, comprising 11 stores

1988, July
Jack Goldin sells control of the company to Score Food Group

1991, February
Group turnover exceeds R500 million; 155 stores

1992, April
Acquisition of Musica, the country’s leading music retail brand, at a cost of R1.2 million

1992, July
Control of the group moves to The Premier Group Limited

1994, April
Turnover exceeds R1 billion; 330 stores

1995, August
Clicks ClubCard loyalty programme launched.

1996, March
New Clicks Holdings listed on the JSE with a market capitalisation of R880 million

1997, April
Malbak unbundles through the distribution of its holdings to shareholders. The company has no controlling shareholder for the first time.

1997, September
Acquisition of Compact Disc Wherehouse, a specialist music store

1998, July
New Clicks expands to Australia with the acquisition of the 70-store Priceline chain from Jack Goldin for R177 million.

2000, August
Group turnover R4.0 billion; 628 stores.

2000, December
Acquisition of House in Australia, a 66-store homeware franchise brand, for R168 million

2001, March
Acquisition of Modisons, a discount retail chain in KwaZulu-Natal, for R20 million, which was then integrated into Discom

2001, November
The Body Shop opens its first store in Africa, at Sandton City in Johannesburg, through a franchise agreement with The Body Shop International

2002, July
Acquisition of Price Attack in Australia, a speciality haircare franchise brand comprising 94 stores, for R89 million

2002, September
Priceline Pharmacy launched in Australia

2003, January
Acquisition of wholesale distribution company, New United Pharmaceutical Distributors (UPD) for R281 million.

2003, April
Legislation passed enabling dispensaries to be introduced into Clicks stores

2003, August
Group turnover R7.4 billion; 729 stores + 191 franchise stores in Australia

2004, January
New Clicks Australia sold to a consortium of private equity investors for A$107 million

2004, March
First Clicks pharmacy opens in Sea Point, Cape Town

2004, August
Group turnover R8.0 billion; 681 stores

2006, July
Clicks opens its 100th dispensary in Knysna

2006, August
Group turnover R10.0 billion; 664 stores

2006, September
Clicks introduces a branded credit card as an extension of its successful ClubCard loyalty programme

2007, September
Sale of Discom to Edcon for R216 million

2008, January
UPD acquires Kalahari Medical Distributors in Botswana.

2008, July
The 150th Clicks Pharmacy opens at Hyde Park shopping centre, Johannesburg

2008, August
The purchase of a 60% stake in courier pharmacy, Direct Medicines, which is rebranded Clicks Direct Medicines.

2009, June
New Clicks Holdings changes its name to Clicks Group Limited.
JSE listing transferred to Food and Drug Retailers sector.

2009, August
200th Clicks Pharmacy opens at Constantia Village Shopping Centre in Cape Town

2010, August 
Clicks opens its 250th pharmacy in the Gardens Centre, Cape Town

2010, September
Clicks Group qualifies for the JSE Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Index for the first time

2010, October
Broad-based equity ownership scheme launched for all Clicks Group employees

2011, February
Launch of Clicks Helping Hands Trust

2011, August
400th Clicks store opens in Umhlali, KwaZulu-Natal.

2012, May
300th pharmacy opens in Franschhoek.

2012, August
Group turnover R15.4 billion; operating profit exceeds R1 billion; 595 stores.

2013, August
Group turnover R17.5 billion; 607 stores.

2014, February
GNC launched in South Africa through an exclusive franchise agreement with the Clicks Group.

2014, August
Group turnover R19.1 billion; 632 stores.

2015, July
Claire's launched through an exclusive franchise agreement with the Clicks Group.

2015, August
Group turnover R22.1 billion; 657 stores.

2016, May
ClubCard reached 6 million active members

2016, August
400th pharmacy opens in Pietermaritzburg.

2016, August
Group turnover R24.2 billion; 689 stores.

2016, November
Outsourcing agreement with Netcare approved by Competition authorities.